Simplest Solar Cooker Ever! (cardboard and Foil Oven) Cheapest/easiest How to DIY



Introduction: Simplest Solar Cooker Ever! (cardboard and Foil Oven) Cheapest/easiest How to DIY

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in this instructable i'll show you how make an amazingly simple solar oven

Step 1: Watch Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Description...

solar cooker (oven) made using only cardboard and aluminum foil. cooks like electric crockpot using only the sun. reaches 220 F. great for slow cooking. items needed: 1 piece or cardboard or a cardboard box, tape or glue and aluminum or tin foil. and 2 cooking pots.

Step 3: The Build...

Step 4: First Gather the Items...

1.) cardboard box

2.) tin foil...

3.) tape or glue

4.) 2 pots (one ceramic and one clear glass).

Step 5: Making the Reflector Assembly (first Design)...

this first design uses the larger box (the one on the right). just open the box up (flaps and all) and lay it out flat on the floor. then start applying aluminum foil up and down each edge. attach with tape or glue. i just used tape. finally put the last piece of aluminum foil right down the center. then bring it outside and prop it up in a semi-circle (more or less).

Step 6: 2nd Design...

this second design uses a smaller flatter box. i broke it into four sections and put aluminum foil on each. then bring those out in the sun and set up in a semi-circle.

Step 7: Now Assemble the Pots...

for an oven like this use a pot-in-pot design. the inner pot should be ceramic and the outer pot should be clear. just place inner dark colored pot inside larger clear pot. if your inner pot is not black (or a very dark color) then spray paint it flat black so it will reach highest temps

Step 8: The Set Up...

position cardboard so that it makes a semi-circle (more or less). that will focus most of the light from the sun into one small area. (makes a kind of "rudimentary" parabolic shape. then you just place the pots in that area where the sunlight is focusing. temps will reach 210-220F or more inside the inner pot. cooks similar to a crock pot. see pics above

Step 9: You Can Even Combine the Two!

have fun building and using it!

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