Introduction: Simplify Your Life With NFC

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Hey guys just a quick Instructable today with the best NFC ideas I've found to simplify my life. So i recently picked up these NFC Tag 215 stickers for just a few dollars online. And while there is a lot of cool things you can do with these things a lot of the top rated ideas i found were easier to just manually do... or just not really useful. So I'm going to try make this list as practical as possible!

Unfortunately I don't think all these or any work on an apple product however they are untested so let me know.

Step 1: Materials/What You Need


- 215 NFC Sticker


-NFC Tools

-NFC Tasks

-Trigger Task launcher installed (free 7 day trial)

Step 2: Easy Connect to Bluetooth Device

Okay okay number one step to ultimate laziness is removing the effort of turning on Bluetooth and selecting the device to connect to. In my case I used a Bluetooth speaker to connect to however this could be any Bluetooth device so could be really handy.

1- In Trigger App press the + button

2- Select NFC

3- Next

4- Press done (unless you want restrictions)

5- Press next and in Bluetooth select connect a device

6- Chose the device from the list and press add to task

7- Press next and hover your phone over the tag to write to it

Step 3: Coming & Leaving Home

We all know that feeling of coming home and turning on your WiFi or Bluetooth and turning off your ringtone each day when you come home. Well no more! NFC tools offers almost all setting to be changed so customize it to your preference!

Similar to the last section select NFC any restrictions, add the tasks you want the NFC to complete.

Except this time add a switch task for when you leave your house (the opposite of what you just set in my case)

write it to the tag and now you never need to think about turning on/off all those services ever again just tap and forget

Step 4: Share WiFi Password

This one is pretty cool, if you,re using an android phone you can create an NFC card directly for others to connect to your WiFi without the need for the password.

It's super easy just;

1. go to your WiFi settings

2. Long press and hold on your network

3. press Write to NFC tag

This one is super easy and great for saving time when connecting.

Step 5: Digitial Business Card (Free)

If you own a business or your just sick of giving you number to people the old fassion way then this could be the trick for you!

We use NFC tools for this trick;

1. press write

2. Add a record

3.Add your contact details or any of your social media accounts

4. write to your tag!

Now next time somebody asks for your social media just tell them to tap their phone against the tag!

Step 6: Worlds Most Annoying Alarm

So all jokes aside i guess this is a great system if you are terrible at waking up to your alarm and then just falling back asleep. The idea is it forces you to leave your bed to tap the NFC tag to turn off your alarm. There are heaps of different apps that do this so just search "NFC alarm" on the apps store. I used smart alarm clock and this allows you to set it up as a challenge.

despite how annoy this is it does work.

Step 7: Conclusion

Thanks for reading if you have any cool ideas or uses for NFC let me know below and I will try keep this up to date!