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Introduction: Singapore Solar Burn Art

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Last year I made a Solar Wood Burn Art about Langkawi Island and it was a success. It's pretty amazing how you can harness the power of the Sun and use it to make a magnifying glass lens useful in creating works of art.

Then I made a solar wood burn clock

This year I visited Singapore and thought it would be good to make a beautiful Solar wood burn art about Singapore Skyline.

Really it was easy and good to make.

I 'll show you step by step how I do it.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Get the Materials and tools for this instructable.

They are not much

- Piece of wood ( or a sheet of Plywood ) . Actually, I had a square piece of wood-like cartoon but it is hard like wood.

- Pencil.

- Papers.

- Magnifying Glass Lens ( of about 15 cm Diameter or more ) Aliexpress

- A pair of Sun glasses ( This is Very Important because you Cannot look directly in the Sun spot on the wood. It can cause damage to your eyes if you do it for long time.

Step 2: Plans and Blue Prints

Before going into solar burn the wood, you need to make a plan for your art.

I simply do it by viewing some photos over the internet to see what I like to make similar.

After you decide the theme of your art start by drawing it into paper.

Try to use your imagination and your free hand. Free your mind and do your best to make the sketch as simple as you can but let it express your idea about the place you are drawing.

Then move your idea from paper into wood using a pencil.

Also don't be afraid to make mistakes or think you are not a great sketcher.

Free hand is beautiful and has internal action and spirit that nothing can compare to.

Remember, you use the Pencil, so you can use the rubber any time before burning your art to erase or modify any thing you want.

Also wood burning is great and adds style to your art.

So don't be afraid.

Step 3: Start Burning

This is the step you've been waiting for.

Use your Sun glasses and start to focus the Sun on the wood tracing the pencil drawing.

Remember again that you must NOT be afraid if you make something that doesn't mach your idea about the art you making.

Although you actually BURNING the wood which makes error correction and modification little hard to make , you still can make correction and modification on the real time using small touches.

Go on and trace the sketch.

A little hint here :

Solar wood burning can get a little bit of spots because of the nature of the tool you are using ( Sun Spot ) .

Which means that you can find a straight line you drawn look like a trace of connected Solar Burning dots.

You can avoid this by focusing and adjusting your speed for Lens motion over the wood.

Step 4: Final Step and Simple Touch

I made a new touch to this project by burning the edge of the wood frame to make it look more beautiful.

That's how it looks like as a final step.

Enjoy Solar Wood Burning.

Thank you for reading my instructable.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Love that this is an affordable craft! As a kid I was always playing with my dad's magnifying glass, melting crayons, burning paper etc, but I didn't know about doing this or I definitely would have been creating with it.
    Your tips and tutorial were great. Another technique to add to my tool box.

    doo da do
    doo da do

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I made several things over the years, it takes practice and don't get in a hurry


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I remember burning wood with a magnifying glass when I was younger. I could never get a fine enough 'hot spot' to get any clear images. Any suggestions there?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The best thing I came up with and helped me is drawing using a pencil or a pen on the wood before burning. This helps me to get fine and clear images.

    The black of the pencil also helps in making the burning process faster.

    This is because black things is faster to burn than lighter things. The dark peice of wood absorbs light faster and then burns faster.

    This is also a reply to Vyger on how I make it in just short time.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You must have put a lot of time into this. It is not a "fast" method. Considering that it is very well done.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Really it was so fast. The whole process only took me 3 hours including drawing with pencil on paper and wood. It was really fast due to strong Sun today.