Introduction: Singing Bust Prop

Have you ever wondered how the Singing Busts in the Haunted Mansion worked or even wanted to try making them well this Instructable will show you how to make them and its really simple!

Step 1: Projectors Projectors Projectors!

Now to get started off with the Project YOU NEED A PROJECTOR! I use this one Epson Home Cinema 2045. But you can use anyone that has HDMI and a 3.5mm and get a used one on ebay! I would also suggest 1000 lumens and more which is brightness scale but if you plan on putting them in a dark place you can get away with the cheaper end projectors.

Step 2: How to Loop the Video Easy and Small Enough to Hide

Now you could use your laptop to loop the video of Busts (which I will get to in on step 3) but I suggest a Media Player , this one works great! Media Player that loops video on USB or SD card

Step 3: Remastered Video Footage of Busts

You can use what ever version of the Singing Bust videos on Youtube. I have an HD remastered version with good quality audio that I would recommend! Download it off of Youtube here HD Singing Bust video ! Also i made it a mix of Phantom Manor and Disneyland's singing Busts!

Step 4: Building the 2-D Bust or 3-D Bust

I use coro-Plast for my Busts 4, 4 foot by 4 foot white coro-plast panels. But insulation foam will work just as good simply get one or two of these 4 foot by 8 foot insulation foam . Make sure to check at your local home improvement store so the foam is ALL white with no print on it or make sure it pills off! Then simply project it on to foam trace it out and cut it out then you good Disneyland sized Busts (of course not 3-D but close enough!Then if you want add bow-ties to give them character or like me copy the Phantom Manor! Also if you go 3-D route you can get mannequin heads but they will be small and not as crisp.Also to stack them down you will want a simple 4 foot wooden garden stack and some fishing wire to hold them in place!


You need speakers , any will do! I use this works great and when the crowd gets loud so does this thing! Ion Tailgater Speaker

Step 6: Extra Lighting

Lighting is a very very important detail! If you have been and seen Disneyland's you notice on chest-plate and coloum the spotlight MASKING projection out , basically helping hide projection and making it less like projection! Get 2 of these and you will be good to go!Spotlights

Step 7: Your All Done!

Now get some Gravestones stick them around your yard and you have yourself your own version of the Haunted Mansion at your House!