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This instructable shows to build a single bed using standard structural timber. The bed is designed to fit a UK mattress 900mm x 190mm.

The size timber used for this is 38mm x 63mm and comes in 2.4m lengths (

The benefit of structural timber is it should be straight and fault free and also has the corners ready rounded.

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Other tools required are:

Selection of screw

Saw (I used a mitre saw and table saw but a hand one will do)

Drill with Drill Bits and Countersink Bits

Screw Driver



Step 1: Making the Sides

For the sides you need five lengths of timber cut to 1900mm. One length then needs ripping down the middle. Drill, Screw and Glue on piece on top of another and then fix the thinner ripped piece to the bottom inside face of the side.

Hopefully the pictures will help explain this.

Always good to have your assistant tidying up as you go

Step 2: Foot Board

Cut three lengths 980mm. Glue and screw two together as done for the sides. The third is glued and screwed to the bottom (see pic).

For the legs the internal support is 400mm long and the outer leg is 560mm with 45 degree mitre on the top. The legs are glued and screwed together.

The legs fit to the end board with screws through the outer leg and one through the end board into the inner leg (see pic)

Step 3: Head Board

The headboard lower part and internal leg are as the foot board.

The outer leg is cut longer to accommodate the head board top section and mitred at the top. Adjust this to personnel preference mine is 950mm heigh.

The horizontal members are 900mm long the packing pieces x2 (250mm) and vertical bars x 5 (200mm)

The internal frame was made then the packing pieces and legs fitted.

Step 4: Assembly and Slats

The sides sit on the shelf created on the head and foot boards and are screwed through to secure.

The slats are then placed in and every other secured. The slats were bought from Ikea as they were cheaper than I could make them.

Make bed and install happy child.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I need a new bed frame, and I've been considering making my own. Do you happen to remember how much it cost you for the supplies to build this?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The bed slats were £10 from IKEA they are sultan lade ( The bed frame wood seems have gone up in price a fair amount and would now cost about £48 for 14 lengths which I think is how many I used.


    8 years ago

    great instructable! well done. love the simplicity


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice build! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendid day!