Introduction: Single Plant Hydroponics (easy)

Hydroponics is simply growing plants in water. Most are large bulky machines that can have 10 or 15 plants on it and it will take up a large amount of room. For some of us we need a single plant hydroponic system. This is that and can be made with simple household items. I will show how to do this

Step 1: Materials

-small aquarium pump
-thin aquarium tubing 2-3 feet
-tennis ball can
-broken screen door or anything of the like
-a plant

-hot glue gun
-Optional soldering iron

Step 2: The Body

Okay so to start you take the tennis ball can take the wrapper off and clean it. After that with a soldering iron burn a hole one the side about and inch from the bottom. You want a six inch hole then insert a piece of the piping in and glue it shut. Having a tight seal is essential if you do not then it will leak.

Step 3: The Screen

So here is the tricky part. You have to take a piece of screen about a six or seven inch square and bend it into a circle you can look at the picture. You then squeeze it into the tube gently. Once you get it in pour about half of your gravel in

Step 4: Get the Dirt Of

Now take your plant out its container and lightly brush the dirt off. This is kind of hard to do but you must be gentle and not hurt the roots. Once you got that done just place it into the gravel and fill around it.

Step 5:

Then just fill it with water mixed with a tiny bit of fertilizer. If you put to much in you can burn the roots. Change the water every couple days for optimum growing.
You should leave the pump on during the hours of the day with sunlight, maybe put a timer on

This system is pretty customizable so feel free to do almost anything with it
This is my first one so please comment thanks

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