Introduction: Skateboard Deck From Scrap Wood (without Templet)

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I have been riding cruisers and long boards for a few years now. Skate boarding can be expensive if you want to ride something good or even ok. So I started building my own decks so I could afford better running gear for my boards.

This instructable is going to be broken into two separate instructables. The techniques used to make the deck from scrap (without templet) is a project in its self; and Get a Grip Crush Some Glass could be used to add grip to most things that need grip with or without decorations.



You will need but should not limit your self to the following to make a raw deck. (I used)

  • Skateboard parts not including the deck. (salvaged from offspring's penny board)
  • Suitably sized piece of scrap board.
  • marking tools (sharpie, pencil)
  • Measuring tools (tape measure, speed square, ruler)
  • Wood cutting tools (band saw)
  • Drill and bits
  • Sanding tools
  • Screws and driver
  • Other tools as needed

Step 1: Size Your Deck and Find Your Lumber.

Offspring's board that we are stealing parts from is 21in x 5.5in or about 530mm x 140mm this is a good palace to start with sizing the new deck. I have had foot bite on this penny boards wheels while riding so I will make the new deck a little wider, longer and less contoured. (pictures 1,2)

With your desired sizes in mind go and scrounge trough your scrap wood collection for a suitable piece.

the piece I found was about 30in x 10in and has many knots and a slight cup. (picture 3,4,5)

Step 2: Layout/ Cut Out Your Board.

Lay out

  1. Find the center of the cup (if present it can be useful for riding) or center of the board. (picture 1)
  2. Determine the desired length and width of your deck. I chose 24in by 6in. (picture 2,3)
  3. Layout the edges of the board. (picture 3,4,5)
  4. Find objects with suitable diameters or shapes to create curved edges. (picture 6,7 (yes that's my foot))
  5. Place and trace curves. (picture 6,7,8)

Cut it Out

  1. Set up saw (I used band saw but jig saw works well to) (picture 9)
  2. Cut out the deck.

Step 3: Cut Out and Truck Mounting Holes.

Cut it Out

  1. Set up saw (I used band saw but jig saw works well to) (picture 1)
  2. Cut out the deck.(watch where your fingers may go!) (picture 2,3)

Truck Mounting Holes

You will need (picture 4,5,8)

  • Domed head wood screws long enough to pass threw the truck plate and spacer (if used) as well as about 75% to 90% of the deck. Why mess up your graphics with hardware!
  • Drill and bit that matches the screws thread pitch needs.
  • Masking tape.
  • Square and straight edge.
  • Marking tool.
  1. Measure width of truck plate. subtract this width from the board width and divide this by 2 to find edges of the trucks when centered on board.
  2. Make parallel lines the length of the deck per the above measurement. (picture 5,7,9)
  3. Use square to align truck plates square with the deck and lines. (sorry no picture)
  4. Use marker to mark hole positions. (picture 6,7)
  5. Use masking tape to create depth marking on drill bit at about 90% board thickness. (picture 8)
  6. Drill holes to marked depth. (picture 9)

Step 4: Prep for Finishing and Graphics and Finish.

  1. Sand all surfaces smooth enough to suit your desires. (It's a skateboard it will be messed up.) (picture 1,2)
  2. Dry Drive screws. (picture 3)
  3. Mount trucks and test for wheel bite. (wheel bite is the breaks) (picture4)
  4. Test Ride.(video and picture 6)

To finish by adding grip and graphics follow Get a Grip Crush Some Glass. I made this instructable stand alone because it could be used in many applications.


Happy Making.

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