Introduction: Skateboard Rack With LED Lighting

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Skateboards need a place to be kept. i searched the internet and couldn't find anything that suited my needs. In this instructable I will go into detail on how I made a piece of furniture that can be put in a entry way a bedroom or even a skateboard show room.


4x8 sheet 3/4 Plywood

2x4 sheet 1/4 plywood

kreg screws

1 2 inch by 8 foot peices solid oak

1- 3.5 inch solid 8 foot section of oak


drawer slides

door pulls/ skate board wheels



Led Light strips

extra connecting hardware for splicing led lights

heat shrink tubing

Step 1: Design Using Fusion 360 and Cut List

So I fell in love with fusion 360 from seeing it in a instructable contest and I haven't used anything else since. I still have tons to learn but the 3d animation is just so cool!

First step after design is breaking down material.

1. Have the box store cut 2- 12 inch by 8 foot sections from the 4x8 sheet of 3/4 ply wood

2. cut 24 inches off each of the the 8 foot by 12" leaving you with 6 foot sections

3. cut the 24 inch pieces down to 18 discarding the rest. this will be the top and bottom of the cabinet portion

4. cut 2 19 inch peices from the 3.5x8 oak this will be the drawer front

5. cut 2 17.5 inch pieces for the 3.5x 8 these will be the stretchers for the top of the rack

Step 2: Lay Out the Cut Out Lines and Dados

So this is the spacing of what I did you may change this according to your needs

I have a 13 inch spot on the bottom

5 inch drawer

and the rest is skate board racks

so 18 subtracted by 72 leaves you 54 inches so make a dado line at 18 inches and 3/4 inch up from the bottom

now make a line 6 inches from the back to to the top of the board this will be the rack portion mark an arch from the front dado line to the 6 in line and cut this section with the jig saw. Set the fence of your table saw at 6 inches and cut until you reach the jig saw mark.

now take your dado jig (optional but makes a stronger and easy to put together cabinet.) and cut the dado at 18 inches and then the rabbit cut on the bottom.

Now mark the skate board spacing is 6 inches on center. starting from the top working you way down.

Step 3: Drill Holes and Cut Out Notches for the Skate Boards

Using a 1 1/4 hole saw bit cut out each hole to make this simpler and more constant I tape the 2 sections together. then using a speed square I marked the line to the cut out circle.

Step 4: Assemble the Cabinet

Using the kreg Jig pocket hole maker I drilled in 6 pocket holes on each of the top and bottom of the cabinet. Then using clamps and glue put the box together and secure with the correct size screws. Using the same method attach the stretchers 1 at the top and 1 in the middle do not use glue yet these will come back out when installing the LED strip lighting.

Step 5: Build a Face Frame and Cover End Faces

Using the 1x8 oak cut the rails and styles to the size needed to cover the play wood front use kreg jig to secure into place. Then cut thin strips to cover the rack portion the bottom curve will be the hardest part just take your time and glue and brad nail the thin strips into place.

Step 6: Build a Drawer

The drawer slides I used required 1/2 inch space on either side so to figure this out take the inside measurement of the face frame and minus 1 inch so it should be around 17 inch by 11 inch depth. I did a simple pocket hole construction on the drawer and then put a 1/4 rabbit around the bottom and added 1/2 inch plywood for a secure bottom.

Drawer front I used the 3.5 inch oak cut two section at 17.5 this will give a little over hang on each side and glue these together to make a solid draw front

Build a door

1. I cut rails and styles to fit the opening at the bottom

2.use pocket hole to secure them together

3. use the rabbit bit in the router to make a 1/4 x1/4 inch space for a piece of 1/4 ply to fit in recessed.

4. I found the center of the drawer drilled a 1/4 hole and added a skateboard wheel as the door pull.

copied this for the door front as well!

Step 7: Routing and Back Panels

1. Using the rabbit bit rout the back of the cabinet out to accept the 1/4 plywood

2. Then cut and round-over the edges of the plywood to fit.

3. using a 1/4 router bit put a nice round over on everything! no sharp edges to bang you head on!

Step 8: Cut the Feet

I added some cool flair out feet on this project.

1. cut 4 2 inch by 4 inch pieces of oak

2. cut 15 degree angle long ways

3. then cut 5 degree angle on each end

4. use a stop block to ensure the are all the same

Step 9: Prep for Stain

Ok I am not perfect nor do I claim to be I used the oak wood filler to fill any imperfections that I made also fill in the brad nails holes then I sanded everything down to 220 grit

Take the wheels off and set aside I didn't secure the back panels until after staining this is just alot easier.

Step 10: Add the Led Strip Light

Follow manufactures recommended procedures. But really this is simple the strips come with cut lines as long as you cut on the line and use a razor to cut back the plastic then hook up the strips with the jumpers provided you shouldn't have a problem. I then ran wire on the back side to keep it hidden then splice them together and used heat shrink tubing to make a seamless connection.

Step 11: Photo Shoot Time for the Social Media!!

Had to add my little robot to the mix on this on!

Step 12: Load It Up

Add the skateboards and enjoy for years to come!!

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