Introduction: Skateboard That Grows With You


So in this project, I aimed to make skateboard more sustainable. there is 5.2 billion dollars worth of skateboards sold each year in North America. So I targeted the problem of buying the skateboards or making them, again and again, this skateboard grows with you and the metal piece help in better flips . In this tutorial, you will not only make a skateboard but will have a skateboard for your kid for entire life a memory piece for your kid. Let's begin!



metal rods 5pieces

basic workshop tools


set of trucks and wheels

Step 1: Dimensions of Skateboard and Part

In order to make this part I first 3d model it Fusion360 and took out cad drawing

refer CAD drawing for dimensions

Step 2: Getting the Basic Shape

Step 3: Painting

Step 4: Final Product

Thank you

If you have any question let me know.

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