Introduction: Skewer Crossbow

This is my first instructable, and i only had one of one of the supplies so remaking one for the site was a bit hard. anyways just rate and keep negitive feedback to yourself, also to prevent questions, the ammo is anything that fitsin the barrel.

Step 1: Supplies

Bendy Straw (yes, it matters if u like precision)
Skewers(5 or 6)
Duct Tape

Step 2: Base

First cut the tips off EVENLY, then tightly rubber band it so it makes a square shape and rubber band the back too.

Step 3: Cross Piece

put one or two (depends on what u prefer) skewers in the rubber band between the top base and bottom base

Step 4: "Barrel"

Cut where indicated

Step 5: Taping and Cutting

Step 6: Trigger

put on the paper clip and tape where indicated

Step 7: Find Your Setting