Introduction: Ski Rack Without Removing Bicycle Rack

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I have a roof rack with a fork mount setup for two bicycles. After several trips to the local ski area, with my skis inside the car, I wanted to come up with a good way to secure my skis to the roof rack that was faster and easier than separate bungee cords. I had an old fiberglass/carbon fiber hockey stick, 5 feet of webbing, hundreds of feet of paracord, and an adjustable bungee cord to work with. I have not driven with this current setup, so proceed with caution! I will update my 'ibile after my next trip to the mountain.

Step 1: Cut Hockey Stick to Length

Cut your old hockey stick to the length available.

Step 2: Add Webbing

Make sure the length of webbing is long enough to loop around your crossbars and through the hollow portion of the hockey stick with room left over to secure a significant portion to the outside of the hockey stick.

Step 3: Cinch Loop

Find a suitable length of cordage to create a loop for securing the hockey stick around the crossbars with a strong bungee cord. I used about 24" of para cord to fashion a 12" loop using a figure 8 knot.

Step 4: Create a Stop

Using some duct tape, or other strong tape, create a stop on your hockey sticks so the cordage loop will not slip off.

Step 5: Loop Webbing Around Crossbar

Loop the webbing around the crossbar through the hollow of the hockey stick.

Step 6: Secure Webbing to Exterior of Hockey Stick

Using duct tape secure each piece of webbing to the hockey stick separately and then wrap with electrical tape.

Step 7: Loops of Cordage

Wrap your loop of cordage around the front side of front crossbar and back side of back crossbar.

Step 8: Bungee Cord to Link Front Loop With Back Loop

Use a suitable bungee cord to secure both loops (used to hold down the hockey sticks) to each other. A bungee cord with two hooks would work just as well.

Step 9: Tension Applied

Apply tension between loops to hold skis securely to crossbars. I will be re-tensioning the adjustable bungee because there will be some stretch to account for between the paracord and the knots natural movement.

Step 10: If Space Permits

If you have enough room between the "feet" of your rack and the loop of the webbing there will be space for multiple skis and poles. In my case (due to the wheel attachment, for my bicycle), there is only room for one pair of skis. I have my skis mounted with the tips toward the back of my car to hopefully avoid wind resistance lifting the skis off the crossbars.