Introduction: Skittle Vodka "poison"

Want to add a little twist to your Halloween party drinks? Why not make some skittle vodka. 

These are good as shots for a little fun. 

Step 1: Things Needed.

To make the skittle vodka you will need :

-five bottles to hold your skittle vodka, these can be any style you wish. 
-vodka (enough to fill your chosen bottles)
-skittles of your choice. I chose sour ones. I used three packs for around 1L of vodka. 
-measuring jugs. 
-sealable tubs / beakers (to mix the skittles and vodka) 
-coffee filters
-elastic bands. 

Step 2: Separating the Skittles.

I used three bags because the number of red skittles in two bags was drastically smaller than any other colour. 

i opened the bags and with clean hands I separated the skittles into tubs of the different colours. 

Then I used the screw top of the beaker tubs to make sure I had the same amount in each. I used a bit more in the yellow batch as the colouring is weaker than the other colours. 

Step 3: Adding the Vodka

Decide the vodka into five equal parts. 200ml each.

add the vodka to the skittles in the beaker tubs and wait!

check on the skittles everyone and then and give them a little shake to make sure the vodka dissolves all the colouring from the skittles. 

Step 4: Filtering the Vodka.

I left the vodka and skittle mix for 24 hours and gave it a few shakes when ever I walked past.. In this time all the colouring and most of the actual skittles had dissolved.

Now to filter the skittles.  Take the coffee filters and attach them to top of some pint glasses or whatever you have ( make sure it can hold 200ml of liquid) 

slowly pour the vodka into the filters don't put all of it in as it won't fit. :) 

the filter might get clogged up and stop filtering so make sure to check on them and change the filter once in a while. 

Step 5: Making the Poison Tags.

I used a laser cutter to etch some poison tags in the same colours as the skittles. 

Tie the tags around the neck of the bottles and you have some poison vodka drinks. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Arrange the poison bottles ready for your guests. 

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