Skull 3 in 1

Introduction: Skull 3 in 1

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This is my entry into shogun jimi's skull challenge 2017.

I made a skull with inlay Pendant / Magnet / Key-ring.

All hand carved from a bit of scrap wood.

I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks GG

Step 1: Hand Carving

First step is hand carving, i found myself a piece of scrap that i wanted to use for this, and drew out a skull shape (or as good as i could draw skull shape anyway) and used my small v gouge to carve out the skull shape and details.

Step 2: More Detail

I wanted to add more detail into the skull so i drew out some eyes etc and tried to carve those out as best i could.

Step 3: Milliput

To add more contrast and make the skull a bit more interesting i used some black and white milliput epoxy to inlay the carving.

Step 4: A Whole Lot of Sanding

I removed the excess milliput by sanding it down with 60 grit paper,

Then i moved from 80,120,240,500 and finished up at 1,200

Step 5: Cut to Shape and More Sanding

Next i cut the skull down to size and shape and went through the sanding process again

Step 6: Magnet

To try and hide the magnet i chiseled out a small recess in the back of the skull making sure it was deep enough to hide the magnet. To cover the magnet i made a small thin cover and super glued it into place.

Step 7: Finish & Hook

Next i moved onto finishing the skull.

I used some clear coat poly finish applying about 4 coats front and back.

To Attach a hook i drilled out a 3mm hole in the top of the skull and super glued half of a lobster clasp in place.

Step 8: Job Done

Thats it a 3 in 1 Skull.

Its not perfect but i like the fact its not perfect.

A huge thanks to Jimi for putting the skull challange on there has been some amazing projects made.

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I hope you enjoy!

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Watch the build -

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Thanks GG

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