Introduction: Skydancer

Sorry for my English because i'm french my English is very bad !

Skydancers it's a human of plastic that dance with air product through fan.


Step 1: Material

You are need:

-fan 220v


-paint pen(posca)


-trash bag 20 L

-fat tape

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the trash bag lengthwise.

Caution you not cut bottom to trash bag!

Next you must calculated the perimeters of the fan.

Lastly,you must cutting within th perimeters of the fan !

Step 3: Painting

Paint the trash bag with the paint pen !

paint eyes;mouth....

Step 4: Past

past strip of the tape below the trash bag!

Step 5: Sewing

Sew the trash bag lengthwise.

Now it's tube.

Step 6: Finish

Cut the strip up to trash bag for create hair.

Step 7: It's Finish

Put the skydancers on the fan and turns the fan and tadam it's finish!

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