Skylight Lifter

Introduction: Skylight Lifter

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We pull ropes to lift our sky lights at the MakerSpace in San Luis Obispo. The place now has natural convection and we haven't used our air conditioner since. The SLO MakerSpace is now more comfortable, and our electricity bill is almost $200 lower than before. In order to lift the skylights, you remove the screws on three of the sides and make sure that the screws on the fourth side allow the degree of lift that you want. Make sure you attach the open side to the roof with a wire or chain so that a strong wind can't blow it open. In the top picture, you see that we have just propped one of the sky lights open. In the second picture, you see the device we innovated to lift and lower the sky light. There are a number of ways to control the lifting from the inside, we show you one using string run through pulleys to pull three pushrods upward. You really only need on push rod, however two (one on each corner) is probably more stable. I describe the process more completely in the video.

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