Introduction: Skyrim Homemade Wall Art Design/picture

An easy to make, modern looking Skyrim portrait for your bedroom or anywhere where you think could have a little Tamriel touch to it! :D

Step 1: Getting the Shape and Size

First step is to sketch out the design onto some plain A4 paper (you could use photo paper if you want a glossy, more stylish look to your work). Following the pictures above (They are in order ready for you to follow) you can start to sketch/draw out your design. I used a HB pencil and a 30 cm ruler for this task. My size doesn't have to be your size however, you make it as big as you'd like. You could even go all out and use A3 paper! It is vital that everything such as side lines and inner lines (Example is the first picture) are the same size so they match up well for the finishing touches. As you can see I have used my rulers to draw in very faint guide lines that can be easily rubbed out later on. As you look at all the pictures, you can see how my design of the Dragon symbol has progressed! Once you have the design layed out in front of you, its time for step 2!

Step 2: Using a Sharpie/marker for Sharpness and Precision

Starting with the first image, you can see how my design is drawn out and the guide lines have been removed so the design is free standing and all prepared for progression. Then, take your sharpie or any other felt tip/marker and carefully trace your design to add sharpness and a more Skyrim feel to it! Once the tracing is all done and over with you can then move onto cutting. How exciting! Now, you need to cut around it, but leave the parts of plain paper under the wings and around the dragons head (second photo. the areas marked by the white spots) for step 3 as this will require a craft knife!

Step 3: Cutting for Precision

You have now cut around the design with scissors and as I mentioned in step 2, this is where you will now require a craft knife! Once you have the knife, trace it around the areas I previously marked with the white spots (The parts that are remaining in picture 1 of this step) and once they are removed the design will look like the one in picture 2 of this step! Now you can color your design the color of black with your sharpie or preferred marker. Now then, we can move onto step 4.

Step 4: Cardboard Backing and Hanging Wire

Now we must grab a pritt stick glue or super glue, whichever one you like best (I used pritt stick) and grab some cardboard (I used a deodorant gift set box as it wasn't too thick and heavy but still offers a good solid backing!) and put the glue on the back of your design and press it down straight and correct and then smooth it gently over the cardboard to ensure it sticks. After this, mark two holes just above the design (picture 2) and then push garden wire or an equivalent wire/string through the back and as I have done, bend the ends into small balls to prevent them from coming out when the picture is hanging. Like picture 3, you should have a loop like mine on the back. Last step up ahead!

Step 5: Finished and the Option of Adding Background Design!

Now you are all finished! Just like a true Nord! Now you can grab some Black Briar mead and sit on the battlements of White run showing off your design! I have added some background design just to make my picture jump out from things around it, while also adding a personal touch of Skyrim to it. You can feel free to use my background design, use your own one or just leave the cardboard backing visible. It really is your choice! Thank you guys for trying out this instructable and I hope you had as much fun making it as I did today! Talos be with you! (Could not end my instructable without saying that!)