Introduction: Skyrim Orcish Sword

Let's be honest, who has played Skyrim, found any orcish weapon and hasn't said something to the effect of," wow, that's badawesome."

So, to celebrate this beautiful weapon, I will teach you how I made my orcish sword.

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Step 1: First Things First

SAFETY! I cannot be held responsible for any injury of you or anyone else because of this prop.

Tools and materials
Heat gun
Hot glue gun
EVA foam
Wooden dowel
Exacto blade
Sandpaper or dremel with sanding bits(preferred)
Spray paints: green black and brass

Step 2: Patterning

Find some reference photos online and try to tease out the basic shape and length. Mine was about 30in from tip to pommel. Draw out the patterns and cut them out.

Step 3: Cutting

Trace the pattern on to your foam twice and cut them out. Also, take a dowel and cut wavy notches into the sides

Step 4: Forming and Glueing

Take a heat gun and give the blade a slight bump in the back

Glue the pieces together over the dowel.
If there is a gap in the back of the sword, make a long strip of foam to cover it

Step 5: Wrapping the Handle

Take your masking tape and give the handle some thickness

To make the frills, cut pieces of masking Tape thin and stick it to the handle

Step 6: Pommel

You can probably figure it out on your own :)

Step 7: Sanding and Painting

Sand EVERYTHING! Until it satisfies you this is where a dremel comes in handy.

Give the blade and the pommel a flat coat of green and spray some black onto a plastic bag and go around the edges with that. Repeat the plastic bag process on the blade and pommel with brass spray paint. Then spray the handle brass.

Finally, you've got your orcish sword!!