Introduction: Slackline Without Trees for Kids

So I designed this just for the kids just for portability and having a platform for them to stand on. This is not a standard instructable because this isn’t scientific at all and looks like crap with my crazy nail job. You may consider going down some if your kids are real little. My kids are still scared of this being 13.5” at the bolt.


-(2) 2x4x8s (I used pressure treated for bottom)
-(2) 1/2x7 galvanized bolts
-1/2” pvc
-I used 1x6 for platform but get creative.
-Nails or screws (I used a ton of nails with a framing nailer and 18 gauge finish nailer)

Step 1: Nail Support Boards

The middle supports are approximately 9” and the outer boards are 14”. Nail them together starting with 2 then add 3rd then add forth so the nails can go through good.

Step 2: Bottom and Legs

The bottom support is approximately 22” and the stabilizers are approximately 16”. Again this is not remotely an exact science. Just nail/screw/glue it good!

Step 3: Bolt and Platform

The bolt is 12” from bottom of support and it has PVC to make it like a roller. Just cut it to fit... also the small pieces of wood above the bolts are approximately 2.5”...