Introduction: Face Hitting Machine With Fancy Sound Effect - Based on Arduino

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A Face Hitting Machine enables you hit those you dislike on the face, even with uplifting slap sound effect. Your perfect decompression artifact.

Someone annoys you at work?

Want to punish a friend who doesn't come to the party?

Just don't like someone?


A Face Hitting Machine helps you release the emotion by hitting those you dislike on the face, even with uplifting slap sound effect.

You may find your stress well released after 100 slaps.

The machine also have a coin-operated mechanism, which enable you to sell the slap time to your friend for one coin five slaps or more.

Stress released and money earned!


Seeeduino v4.2 X1 (Also apply to Arduino)

Base Shield V2 X1

Motor Speed Sensor Module X1

Grove - Gesture(PAJ7620U2) X1

Grove - MP3 V3 -Music Player X1

Grove - Servo X1

Grove - Universal 4 Pin Buckled Cable X3

Loudsperker X1

SD Card X1


Laser cutting machine

Hot melt glue gun


Step 1: Connect the Hareward

Combine Base Shield V2 to Seeeduino v4.2

Grove - Gesture(PAJ7620U2) to IIC

Grove - Servo to D6

Motor Speed Sensor Module to D3

Grove - MP3 V3 -Music Player to D2

Step 2: Upload the Code and Test

Step 3: Design the Shell

Note: You could make the box bigger to make more space for the hardware and the COINS you earned from your friends!

Step 4: Laser Cutting

You could make a pen container by laser cutting two boxs and connect them together.

Step 5: Assemble the Shell and Hardware

Assemble five sides first, and put all things from the back side. Remember to have the USB cable and mp3 module out to connect the power and loudspeaker.

Step 6: Print the Photo and Decoration

You could add any photo you like to the top and start slapping now. I guess you cannot wait showing off your great work to your families and friends already! Run and go shooting some great pictures and videos now!


Step 7: Start to Slap!

Last but not least, you are very welcomed to also share your unique work with us. Should you have any further question about this project, or want to share your work with me, feel free to drop an email to I am Makerming from Shenzhen, China. Finally, thanks for reading, your comments are the biggest support to my work.