Introduction: Sleeping Bag Liner

This instructable explains how to make a liner for your sleeping bag. The purpose of the liner is to add another lightweight layer inside of your sleeping bag while also protecting the inside if sleeping bag from dirt, pebbles, rocks and other things that could mess it up. This instructable also provides an introduction to sewing.


  • Twin Bed Sheet
  • Stitch Witchery 1/4 inch wide
  • Sewing Machine (and all parts)
  • Sewing Thread
  • Needle
  • 1/4 inch wide stitch witchery
  • 30 inch zipper
  • Iron
  • Iron board or other heat resistant surface to iron on

Step 1: Prepare the Sheet Using Stitch Witchery

Turn the sheet inside out, on an iron board(or other heat resistant surface) lay the stitch witchery between the two sides of the sheet on the bottom edge of the sheet. Use your iron to melt it together. Turn the sheet longways and lay the stitch witchery down the long side of the sheet. Leave thirty inches at the top without stitch witchery so that you can fit the zipper in. Be careful when you put the stitch witchery on the zipper, make sure that the flaps on the sides of the zipper are visible from the inside of the sheet(this is the side on which you should be working) and the pull on the zipper is facing out. Also you might want to leave a sixteenth on an inch between the teeth of the zipper and the sheet that you are sewing it onto. The last thing about the stitch witchery is that if you mess it up (like I did) and you have to pull it apart, it is a good idea to put parchment paper between the sheet with the stitch witchery and the iron this way you do not get plastic melted onto your iron.

Step 2: Sewing It Together

With the sheet still inside out, sew carefully along the bottom part of the sheet into the stitch witchery. After you sew the bottom of the sheet, pull out more thread so that you can tie it off. To tie the thread off pull up the last stitch carefully, and without pulling the stitch completely output the end of the thread through the loop twice, then tighten the loop back down. The other method for tying off the thread is just to simply tie the ends two ends of the thread together make sure that you tie the thread off on both sides the beginning and the end. After you tie the end off as close the the sheet as possible, cut the threads down so that they are not as long. Now sew along the long side, stop and tie it off on both sides when you get to the zipper. After you tie the thread off, sew both sides of the zipper and tie them off. Turn the sheet back outside out so that the seam is on the inside. Make sure all of the threads are tied off, then I suggest washing the liner so that all of the excess string comes out. Enjoy the extra liner for your sleeping bag.

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