Introduction: Sleeping Pad Knife Drawer

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Due to a certain change in our family my wife don't like the easy reachable knives any more... my daughter instead loved the "mirrors"... My Bro tip, do what ever your wife is telling you.

Task was to move the knives to a drawer. To really store them it was necessary to create a inlay.

I've decided to use an old sleeping pad for that.


Old sleeping pad


Step 1: Cut and Glue

As you can imagine it is rather easy to create this. You have to cut several (3) layers of your sleeping pad to the size needed.

Do nothing to one

For the next one, cut out the area for the handles of your knives

For the last one, cut out the area of the handle and the blade also you can add little cutouts for an easy removal of your knives.

now use some adhesive to glue the sheets together.

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