Introduction: Sleepover Game Board

This is a super fun game to play with friends, and it is very easy to make!


1. Ruler (inches).

2. Markers.

3. A plain sheet of paper.

4. A pencil.

5. Something to mark each persons spot along the game.

To Play:

1. Dice or phone to generate a number randomly (if using phone numbers 1-6 no higher).

2. A coin to flip heads or tails.


More fun if you play with more people!

Step 1:

Get all the colors you want on your game board, and for the game board get two sheets of paper so if you mess up on one of them you have one to start over on.

Step 2:

Start by measuring out an invisible line that is 4.5 inches across in the middle of your paper, and use a pencil and press lightly. Then at one end of the invisible line draw a line-up that is one inch high and do that on both sides of the invisible line. Then after that draw another two lines in the middle of the paper that are two inches apart from each other, and draw them also one inch high. Then draw a line on top of all those lines across so now you have 3 boxes.

Step 3:

After you finished making the boxes, use the color marker of your choice to right the start of the game in the middle box. Then on the two outside squares right a fun challenge or something fun to do with your friends.

Step 4:

Next on the two outside boxes add three more squares. Each of those squares should be one inch high and 1.5 inches tall. Again use a pencil and press down lightly. Once you are done making the squares fill them in with fun things to do with your friends ( try to make each square filled with different things, but I also repeated some things, too). You don't have to write the same things I filled the squares with just do something that you think your friends will enjoying doing.

Step 5:

Then in the space between the two middle squares make a connector square. The square should be about one inch high and 2 inches across. It should be symmetrical with the start square. Again fill it with something fun to do.

Step 6:

Next, make two boxes on top of that middle box which in my case is the dare box. They should be identical from the one their under so both boxes should be one inch high and two inches across. Then you can fill them in with whatever challenge you want!

Step 7:

Attached to the very top box you just made on both sides make two boxes. They should be one inch high and one and a half inches across. These boxes should be smaller than the ones you just made. Fill them with something fun!

Step 8:

Next, you make two boxes on top of the outside boxes. These should be one inch high and one and a half inches across. Fill them with anything that you want!

Step 9:

Now, this is kind of tricky. Once you made those boxes going up you want to make a line on the top of the top box and the bottom of the top box. Then draw a going up to the top line when you are 1.5 inches across for the outside boxes. For the middle box it should be 2 inches across. They should all be one the same level as the top box you drew last step. Then fill them with something good to do, because those are your last squares.

Step 10:

On top of the middle square which is the one that is 2 inches across draw another square. It should be one inch high, and two inches across. This should say end of game.

Step 11:

This is the last step!!!!! Take a marker (I like to use black for this job), and outline all the squares. Then when your done with that you can decorate the game board how you would like it. I also added two very important rules which are tell the truth and whatever is said here stays here. Get a coin if you did the heads or tails square, and get a dice to roll, and get something to mark each persons spot with. Enjoy!!!!

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