Introduction: Make Your Way Through the Ocean in This Cardboard Squid Costume!

At my marine science themed school, one of my instructers tasked me with a project that would require me to construct a costume made of cardboard. The costume had to be a slot construction costume, witch means no tape or sticky adhesives, and a marine animal. We also had to make it eco-friendly and to use only recycled materials. First I had to brainstorm on paper my project, until finally completing it for real. Throughout the process of finishing this, I faced many problems, but eventually completed this cardboard masterpeice.

Design Brief: Design and develop an eco friendly marine life costume that is not a fish.

Must fit to the size of average middle school student.
Must allow space for the student to be able to trick-or-treat with comfort and ease.

Must be made of cardboard
Must be slot construction
Must be marine life that is not a fish
Must be easilly obtained cardboard

Materials List:
Item       Material Description                     QTY       Size                      Part
 S1          Cardboard, Full Refrigerator Box   1           75.5" X 78.5"      Body Wrap 
 S2          Cardboard Microwave Box               1          20" X 24"             Tentacles

Tools and Equipment List:
Item                     Tool                     Use 
 T1                         Cutting Mat        Place under cardboar (S1,S2)
                                                           so you do not cut the floor.
 T2                         Utility Knife        To cut cardboard (S1, S2) parts.
 T3                         Ruler                  To measure parts (P1,P2.)
 T4                         Pencil                 To mark parts (P1,P2) on cardboard (S1,S2)
Parts List:
Item             QTY            Part Name
  P1                 1                 Body Wrap
  P2                  8                 Tentacles

Step 1: Part P1: Body Wrap

1. Using the orthographic drawing of Body Wrap (P1) draw onto cardboard, Fullrefrigerator box (S1) to 8 times scale.
2. Using Utility Knife (T2) cut out shape of Body Wrap (P1) with cutting mat (T1) under the knife at all times.
3. Depending on preference of the user, cut out arm holes using utility knife (T2).

Step 2: Part P1: Tentacles

1. Draw onto cardboard, (S2) a rectangle 2" X 24" that will be the tentacles. Do this 8 times using a pencil (T4). Make sure that all tentacles are up against eachother so they will fit on cardboard peice.
2. Using utility knife (T2) cut out shape of 8 tentacles, with cutting mat (T1) under knife at all times.

Step 3: Assembly Step 1

Take tentacles (P2) and slide ends into slots on bottom of body wrap (T1).

Step 4: Assembly Step 2

Fold Body Wrap (P1) and slide arrowhead side into the cut slot. Finished produst should look somewhat like a cyllinder.