Introduction: Slowest Marble Wins: Game From Waste

As long as I remember, I always love Marbles. Marble and Dominos chain reaction game is my all time favorite.

Last month during the summer vacations my nephew got an assignment to create a game out of the waste. We decided to make A MARBLE RUN game in which the slowest marble will be the winner. Now, the challenge was to create it with waste materials.

At first, we decided to make pegboard using cardboard, but the problem with such drilled hole pegboards is that it is not that adjustable when it comes to deciding the slant of the marble path.

So here is what we finally tried.

Let start this waste to wonder game.

What: Marble Run Game(out of waste cardboard)

Why: Because we love it + (Holiday Assignment)

Concept: Motion, Force, Conservation of energy, Potential, and kinetic energy.

Time: 30-40 minutes to make and hours of fun playing with it.

Cost: Totally out of waste or Reusable materials.


We will need:


1) Old/Unused cardboard boxes

2) Nail (2 inches)

3) Tape or Glue


1) Paper cutter

2) Scissors

3) Cutting Board

So, Let Get Started Now:

Step 1: Pegboard

We had these empty cardboard in our store room. We used the bigger box to make the pegboards. If you cannot find such large boxes, you can tape two or more pieces together.

I use the two adjacent side of the box for the pegboard to increase the difficulty level.

Step 2: Making the Path

We took a rectangular cardboard sheet and cut 5 cm wide strips. The length may be varied.

After that, we slit the strips from the middle and made a fold.

We inserted nails through the half-folded side of the strip so that the strip can be attached to the cardboard pegboard using these nails.

Step 3: Adding Twist N Turns

To make it little interesting we made some stairs and funnels using cardboards. A simple paper cutting, folding and taping technique will be used to make them.

Step 4: Let's Get the Ball Rolling

The rules of this game are simple: Using the cardboard strip, funnels, stairs, and anything that you can think of, with the help of nails, we have to create such a path for the marble so that it takes maximum time to cross the finish line.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you like my first Instructable and will try this with your little ones.

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