Introduction: Small Adorable Paper Penguin | Origami

If you have some free time and would like to use it well, you've come to the right place.

I will show you how to make a beautiful little penguin that is perfect as a decoration or a gift.

So lets start! ;-)


3 sheets of A4 sized black paper

2 sheets of A4 sized white paper

1 sheet of A4 sized orange paper

knife or scissors

a bit of spare time :)

Step 1: Cutting Paper

Cut the paper in half 5 times (as shown on the pictures). We should get 32 pieces.

Step 2: How to Make Single Origami Piece

Step 3: How Many Pieces We Need?

65 black pieces

36 white pieces

3 orange pieces

Step 4: How to Start

To start we will need:

3 black pieces and 3 white pieces.

Connect the pieces together as shown in the images

Step 5: Add 2 White and 1 Black

Step 6: Add 2 Black and 1 White

Step 7: Add 3 Black Pieces

Step 8: Add 3 Black Pieces

Step 9: Add 3 Black Pieces

Step 10: Add 3 Black Pieces

Step 11: Connect Both Ends With 2 Black and 1 White

Step 12: Add 3 White and 2 Black Pieces

Step 13: Add 4 Black Pieces

Step 14: That Is How It Should Look Like

Step 15: Add 2 White and 7 Black Pieces

Step 16: Now We Put the Pieces Inwards

Step 17: Make Full Circle Putting Pieces Inwards

Step 18: Now We Put the Pieces Pointing Outside

5 black pieces and 4 white pieces

Step 19: 5 White and 4 Black Pieces

Step 20: 4 White and 5 Black Pieces

Step 21: 2 White and 7 Black Pieces

Notice that there is one black piece between the white pieces

Step 22: Add Hands and Legs

Step 23: Add Eyes and a Beak

Step 24: Congratulations! You Have Finished!

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If you have any problems or questions related to the penguin feel free to ask me in the comments section.

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