Introduction: Small Experimental Portable Pizza Oven From Scrap

Just a try to make a simple cheap pizza oven 2 our of work

I cheek it and now I will finish it to improve performance and appearance

Step 1: Simple Pizza Oven From Scrap

I had at home (in this period COVID in Italy we can't exit from home and can't buy any material)
So in my garden had a 30 l canister of asi316 (it contained acetone for chem laboratory) a chimney from old gas stove ad some stone (arenaria)

I look on the web al lot of very heavy and big pizza oven and some small portable made of really simple part of stainless steel. in my backyard there is no space to make a traditional big one pizza oven so i decide to make an little metal experimental pizza oven

But I am not sure that small pizza oven without thermal inertia cook pizza in right way 90 second at 400°C this is a try

Step 2: First Fire

After 30 min of fire (in the back of oven) the temperature seem good and cook the first small pizza

Step 3: The Result

The firs pizza ready to eat 90 second .... we cook 4 pizza every better then the first one.

Defect: small pizza,, temperature variable but always good,

Quality: Very good pizza correctly cooked check instruction "Confraternita della Pizza"

Cost 0€

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