Introduction: Perlite Traditional Pizza Oven

After the "small experimental pizza oven" i can observe that:

very fast increase of temperature until 600°C degree but same fast loose of temperature when not put burning wood inside so is easy make one or two 25cm ø not more than the temperature fall rapidly.

It is smart portable and light.

For make more 30 cm ø pizza and bread and cook something in dutch oven or "Peca" I will have a little more big wood oven with temperature constant for long time

Ergo I need a small traditional fixed refractory oven. I decide to use perlite expanse small drop of stone treated at high temperature that have very high insulation proprieties.



Refractory cement concrete

Normal concrete 325

Step 1: The Material I Use

a lot of lay make with perlite refractory cement metallic net and perlite with normal concrete

Step 2: Template

Need a strong card board template to make the dome

Step 3: Inner Layer

Gentle put the perlite and refractory cement to build the inner layer

Step 4: Second Layer

To give the strength need a new layer made with perlite metallic net and normal concrete 325

Step 5: Turn Up Side Down

turn up side down to remove template and finish the inner layer

Step 6: Make a Base

To make a good base I used empty bottle to have insulate layer and no climb water from down then a base of refractory brick

Step 7: Assemble the Oven

I put in place the oven and use refractory cement to fix it

Step 8: First Fire

After a week (better more) the first fire slow start and slow go up with temperature take the fire all day long

note the cat supervision

then must add a lot of layer with perlite and concrete to increase insulation

Step 9: More Fire

need a lot of day with every time increasing fire and temperature to dry the oven need also a perlite door to cooking with dutch oven or peka (long low temperature cook)

Step 10: Finishing the Oven

I use a special with concrete that not adsorb water

Step 11: Pizza Shovel

Now I need a right pizza shovel for 30 cm ø pizza

Step 12: Octopus Peka

Cooking octopus traditional peka

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