Introduction: Small Glass Jar Lamp

Hello everyone !

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a nice lamp out of a pills glass jar.

You will need some length of rigid LEDs strip and a power supply (typically 12V 500mA, but check the specs of your strip !). Check out Amazon or Ebay, they have some great stuff !

Step 1: Cutting

At first you will have to cut your strip with a small saw.

Pay attention to not to cut at random places ! You can only cut following the lines drawn on the strip (see pic).

Step 2: Layout and Soldering

Now you will put the LEDs in the jar !

But to know the exact amount needed, you will need to know the inner diameter. For that you can push a piece of paper inside the jar, and then retrieve it and cut it in circle along the fold.

You can place the LEDs around the circle, in star shape, this way you will see the place taken by the strips.

VERY IMPORTANT: check if you can fit all the strips in neck of the jar, or you will not be able to do the next step !

Finally, solder the strips in parallel with two piece of wire (I used enamelled copper because it's nice, but you can use whatever you want !

Step 3: Strips in Jar

Roll the strips to pack them, and then push them into the jar.

Once all the strips are in, you have to unroll them and place them as wanted.

Check you electrical connection ! And make sure every strip is shining !

Step 4: Finishing

You can put some more decoration (I have put a fuzzy ball of copper), then solder a cable, put it through the jar lid with a knot, and enjoy !

Step 5: Bonus

Here as a bonus the power supply that I use and also another lamp made from led strip.

Happy making !