Introduction: Small Pocket Knife

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I Had an old multi tool that i never used , and never liked.

But i needed a small knife, so i cut the blade out of it and bought a 4mm steel rod.

Thats it , just throw in some scrap wood and i have a small knife!


Step 1: Scrap Wood, Knife Blade and Steel Rod

This is all you need, just make sure the steel rod is the right size for the hole in the blade.

Step 2: Cut Down to Size

To get the wood down to size i just ripped it down the middle and cut it down to a rough shape.

I also cut a small piece of the rod off making sure it would fit through both sides of the wood and the blade.

Step 3: Smooth Out Faces

Now i had my rough shape i wanted the glue joint to be minimal so i smoothed the faces of the wood down and cut a small strip off wood to act as a filler at the bottom of the knife.

Step 4: Plane Down to Square

I planed down the filler strip to the same thickness as the blade and planed the sides of the knife level.

Step 5: Test Fit and Trim Again

Once everything was ready i test fit all the pieces and realized the wood was still to big so i trimmed it some more, again planing the sides level.

Step 6: Hole for the Rod

Once everything was ready i drilled a 4mm hole where the rod would be, through one side of the wood and just transferred the mark and drilled the other side out.

Step 7: Glue Up

To Glue it all up i 1st glued the filler piece in while the blade was in the right / closed position so everything was where it needed to be.

After he glue had half dried i glued the other side of the handle on making sure it was all level and in the right position.

I also filed out a small grove so i could fold the blade out.

To keep the rod in place i just used a small amount of epoxy, trying my hardest not to get it in the blade so it can still fold easily.

Step 8: Sand and Finish

Once everything was dry i hand sanded at 80 grit, 180 grit and 240 grit.

To finish i just used some spray lacquer and sanded at 500 grit between coats.

I ended up putting 3 coats on to finish.

Step 9: Job Done

Thats it, job done.

A nice little knife, made out of scrap and a steel rod that cost £2.00

I Think its great and exactly what i wanted.

As always i hope you enjoy!

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