Introduction: Small Tiny Quick Robot

I wasn't thinking of a grand scale of a robot. Just something I see as a small companion to carry on.


All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and

Step 1: Build an Outline

So this outline will basically be your "robot". The numbers will be important as you need to know what to fold over.

Step 2: Crease All the Lines

So the 3 should be facing away from you, while the one is staring right at you.

Step 3: Fold 1 on Top of 3

By folding 1 on top of 3, it creates a face. The face should be the back of 2.

Step 4: Leg

The leg can vary in size depending on the robot. I'm going for the tank wheel look, so just create a square.

Step 5: Folded Leg

When rolling up the leg, you should tape it. After taping it, just squish it down. After making two leg pieces, just tape it on the back side of 1 which is the bottom of your robot.