Introduction: Small and Cute, HomeMade Modern DIY Sofa | Minimum Tools


This Instructable is how to make a DIY Modern Sofa. It is make from pine wood furniture boards and it can be made with just few worktools a saw, cordless drill, electric Stapler.

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Step 1:

Size of the sofa 150*75 см.

For the sofa base i used 2 old pine wood furniture boards (150*36 см). I connect them together with metal plates. My little dother helps me, so work goes faster and easier. It's always great to work with helper!

Tools that i used:

- Jananese Saw

- Screw driver

- Clamps

- Electric stapler

- Speed square

- Pocket Hole Jig

Step 2:

We connected pine boards together. Now it's time to glued foam rubber. I used 40mm thickness foam rubber. We applied two layers. I want to make corners little smoother, so i applied one layer of Cotton padding. I attached this with an electric stapler.

Step 3:

The next step was to attach the fabric to the base of the sofa. I alsow used an electric stapler.

Step 4:

From the bottom of the base, i decided to add some pine boards. In this way it will be more durable. I cut boards with japanese saw, then connect them together. I used my homemade pocket hole jig.

Step 5:

Now im making legs for sofa. i used pine boards 45*45mm. The will be 20 cm long. i also cut them with japanese saw. I think this is my favorite work tool!

To make legs with the same length, i connect them with clamps and sand with sandpaper. It's quite easy. This way your legs will be the same lenght.

Step 6:

Now i fixed legs to the sofa base. I fixed them with clamps. To connect legs between them together, i used pine boards 35*35mm. I fixed them with pocket holes and some glue.

As i don't have large clamps, i used steel wire and screwdriver. I fixed legs with such method, until glue dries.

I connect legs to the sofa base with metal corners. I applied two corners on each leg.

Step 7:

Almost done. I'm tired, so i decided to have a little rest :)

Step 8:

Well, lets go back to work :)

Now i need to make backs for sofa. I also used pine boards 160*40 cm length. I made 2 armrests 750*40 cm. And the back of the sofa 150*40 cm.

Step 9:

To avoid injury, I rounded the armrests. I used a coffee can for the template. I used a saw to cut off the excess and then sanded it with a sand paper.

Step 10:

Now i sand everythiung with sand paper, and finished with watco danish oil.

Step 11:

All i have to do, attached armrestm and back to the base of the sofa. I used clamps and screws.

Step 12:

Thats it! Sofa is ready! We bought lots of funny and cute pillows and decorate our sofa!
As you see, i used just a few tools. I think that almost everyone can make such sofa and you will not need lots of a proffesional tools.

I like result very much. Its small and cute, just as i planned:)

And how do you like it? I will be glad to hear you estimation!

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