Introduction: Small Beehive

This is a small beehive I made to be used as a lure for a much larger one. It has a flower pot on the front and a small water pond on the side. The flower pot is there as bees like flowers and the water pond as they need to be near a water source.

Do you want to help out the bees but don't want to built a beehive then check out-

Step 1: What You Will Need

A saw
Something to hold it together e.g nails, screws 
Some wood
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
And a bee colony ( or you could attract one like I am doing )

Step 2: The Main Body

First get a piece of wood about half the height you want the beehive to be ( remember you need to put on the flowerpot ). Then get a piece of wood the same size as you want your base to be and secure them together. Then attach the other side, these should be the height you want your finished beehive to be.

Step 3: Flower Pot and Small Water Pond

Cut a piece of wood that is about the same length as your beehive and attach it to the front. Next cut a piece that is the same height as the beehive and attach it then add the sides on.
Now the small pond thingy, take a strip of wood about twice the width of the beehive and attach it to the back of the flowerpot. Now take a piece of wood as wide as your beehive and attach it to the end of the strip of wood. Finally add the sides and fill any gaps with hot glue.

Step 4: The Frames

Now you need to make some frame that will fit inside the hive, these will need to be 1 cm apart. You will also need handles, which I made out of wood but then decided that string would be better. 

Step 5: The Roof and Entrance

For the roof take a piece of wood about a centimetre or two wider than the hive and another piece the same size and attach it half way in to the first piece. Now take two pieces of wood that are the same length as your beehive and attach them to the sides of the roof.
For the entrance drill a large hole near the bottom of the beehive. Also for the flowerpot drill two holes on the sides for drainage.

Step 6: Attaching

I attached my beehive to my fence I did this with some nails, cable ties and a wooden support. 
Now just put a plant into your flowerpot and fill your small pond thingy with water or sugar water and your finished.
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