Introduction: Smart Assistant Flush Mount Light Switch Box Assembly (Echo Dot 2nd Gen)

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Upgrade your Smart assistant with this modern in the wall mount. If you have little table space, don't enjoy looking at the wires or device sitting on the table, or you just want a new way to upgrade your house now you can with this design. I have designed in all in one solution to mount your Echo Dot 2nd Gen in the wall below or above light switches. You cannot buy any of these 3D printed parts in stores. From the remodelers box and locking fins to the light switch cover, this solution puts your Echo Dot 2nd Gen in the wall too add a modern and futurist look to your home. For the sake of these instructions I did the installation on a scrap board I had laying around the house but would typically be done on drywall.

All 3D printed parts were modeled using AutoDesk Fusion 360, a 3D CAD design tool.

All 3D printed parts were printed on a Creality CR-10 3D printer. (some parts may require support structures)


Purchased Materials needed

(x1) Remodelers box, for the screws on the locking fins unless you have screws laying around you can use

(x1) 3 position light switch cover, for the white painted screws. (Not required but looks more finished)

(x2) Light switches (only if not reusing old switches)

(x1) AC outlet (Nema 1-15r type), for echo dot charger inside box similar to this (Nema 1-15r)

(x1) Echo Dot 2nd Gen

CNC 3D Printed Materials (Found HERE on my Thingiverse account)

(x1) Echo Dot cover plate

(x1) Electrical Light Switch Box 2 Gang

(x2) Fin

(x1) Cutout tool

Step 1: Gather Supplies

If you are lucky you have a friend or you happen to own a 3D printer, print the required 3D printed parts and purchase any of the other misc hardware you may need. Now would also be the time to get your oscillating tool out as well if you have one. The latest versions can be found on my Thingiverse account.

Step 2: Prepare Working Area


If you plan to retrofit an existing light switch remove all components of that light switch. Take note of the current wiring. Mark the wires with a sticky notes or tape if necessary. Once complete place the Electrical light switch box alignment tool on the wall and use the level to get a level working area. Once the tool is level use a pencil or other marker tool to trace the inside of alignment tool so you know where to make the cut out in the wall.

Once the marking is complete use your oscillating tool and cutout along the lines that you made in the previous step.

Step 3: Insert Electrical Box Into Wall Cavity

Run the power wires previously installed through the holes in the box.

Place the electrical box in the cavity you cut out in the previous step.

Using a screw driver or drill tighten the screws on the electrical box fins until it is tight holding against the drywall.

Step 4: Wiring Switches and AC Plug

Wire in the light switches the same way they were previously installed.

Take the Nema 1-15r type AC plug and also wire that to the switches always on hot and neutral wires.

Step 5: Positioning Echo Dot Power Cable and Plugging in Power

Plug in the AC adapter that came with your Echo Dot and place it at the bottom of the electrical box.

Screw in the light switches to their position.

Place the Echo Dot in the light switch cover you had 3D printed so the power input plug is facing up in the window in the part.

Plug in the usb cable you previously installed in the AC plug to the Echo Dot.

Step 6: Installing Light Switch Cover Plate

Place the light switch cover on the electrical box. Make any adjustments to the light switches below to align them with the cut outs in the cover.

Once everything is aligned take the painted finishing screws and using a standard screw driver install the screws into the cover plate.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Flush Mount Echo Dot

Turn the power back on the the home wiring you have just worked on.

Verify the Echo Dot turns on by the blue ring or by talking to Alexa.

Next verify the light switches still function as they had previously.

After everything is working enjoy your new Smart Assistant Flush Mount Light Switch!!!

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