Introduction: Smart Driver Assistance

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we make the long journey that may lead to the physical condition of the rider gets tired, so the risk of accidents is also huge. Moreover, the crime rate is very high in the streets like a motorcycle gang cases and cases of spoliation which is currently a hot issue. To overcome this, the Smart Driver Assistance comes to offer solutions that provide Automated message delivery to a request for help and notice the location of the driver automatically when the condition occurs tersbut. In addition, the SDA is equipped with various functions as an "assistant" driving, guiding the way to the location and condition monitoring of fuel and alert when fuel will be exhausted and show the location of the nearest gas station, auto-reject for incoming calls as well as auto-reply to incoming messages , navigate to the important places and tourist spots, as well as monitor the position of the rider through a PC monitor screen in the home / office. The time taken in sending a message for help to the family, doctor / hospital, and police are not more than 1 second. Thus, the SDA is very beneficial in delivering a message for help from motorists.

Step 1: How It Works

SDA has a variety of functions, such as:
1. Monitors the availability of fuel,

2. The emergency button when a crime occurs . The button works by contacting the family and the police nearby.

3. Detects an accident and calls the family and the closest hospitals

4. Monitors the rider’s travel from home (ground station)

5. Provides notification when the fuel is going to empty and navigation to the nearest gas station

6. Navigates to the tourist attractions

7. Navigates to the important places such as hospitals and police stations.

How it works :

1. To read the availability of fuel in the vehicle

Level sensors transmit data to the Arduino. In Arduino, analog data from the sensor is converted into digital data that can be read by the rider and sent to the smartphone. At the time of the availability of fuel will be exhausted, smartphone apps provide notification of warning and shows the direction of the nearest gas station.

2. To provide an automatic SMS when the accident occurred

When the accident occurred, mounted vibration sensor will provide a signal which is sent into the Arduino. Then Arduino ordered the smartphone to send an automatic SMS to family and closest hospital to notify driving location and ask for help.

3. To provide automated SMS when there is danger / crime

When the rider feels in danger, usually his psychology will turn to be panic. To ask for help to families and police, riders simply press an additional button are made. Input of an additional button will be sent to arduino and automatically arduino ordered smartphone automatically sending sms to the family and the police in the form of a message asking for help and the location of the driver

Step 2:

To show the direction
Smartphone application is made has the ability to indicate the direction as tourist attraction, hospitals, police stations and gas stations.

To monitor the position of the rider from home

The position of the rider can be monitored by person house by way of transmitting data at arduino smartphone. Arduino then process it so that it can be displayed on the computer screen house

Step 3: Materials Need

- 2 Arduono Uno

- 1 Module bluetooth

- 1 Smartphone

- 1 Button

- 1 Vibration sensor

- 2 Protoboard

- Jumper

Step 4: How to Make

make a circuit like this

You Can Now The Pin if You See The Code

Step 5: Have This Apk

You Can make this with app Inventor 2 or download our.

Step 6: Read and Upload This Arduino Code

Step 7: Test It

For Groun Station just can work in my place, because It just satting for my place

Step 8:

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