Introduction: Smart Phone Control Arduino Robot

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It is a smartphone control Arduino robot project. for this project, I have made a PCB so no problem with meshy wire connections.

This board has dual motor driver & some extra Arduino pins, 3V,5V,GND out so Using this PCB you can make line follower, obstacle avoider, edge finder, voice control & other Arduino robots by changing Arduino code. In this post, I am describing how to make Bluetooth control Arduino robot or car.

Step 1: You Need to Make

To make this project easily I have designed a circuit & make it in a pcb

you can download & order PCB from here

Components -

  1. Arduino nano
  2. L293 D ic, ic base
  3. Capacitor – 100mf/25 v – 2pcs
  4. Male, female header pin
  5. Terminal block- 4 pcs
  6. Led & 1k resistor
  7. Hc 05 Bluetooth module
  8. 9 volt battery or power bank
  9. Any 2wd robot chassis with two 150rpm geared motor
  10. PCB

Step 2: Assembling of Components & Connections

The assembling of components is very easy. All components value, polarity is printed in the PCB so just follow the printed components on the pcb.I have used female header pins for Arduino nano & 16pin IC base for L293 D IC.

Step 3: Software Part

We have to program Arduino nano using Arduino IDE

Here is the Arduino code & more details

the above code is for only Bluetooth control robot but using this circuit board you can make different types

of Arduino robot by changing the code & adding some sensors

Download Bluetooth RC controller from play store
I am using Arduino Bluetooth car controller app Bluetooth RC controller from play store but you can use any Bluetooth controller app but need some changes in Arduino code.

The video of this project may help you.

Best of luck