Introduction: Smart RGB/RGBCW Spotlight - PROXIMA ALPHA

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What is it?

The compact design makes Proxima Alpha a portable led light. The spotlight has 40 RGB LEDs, one OLED display 0.96" and a USB-C connector. The brain of this spotlight is the ESP8266. Dimensions of the spotlight: 90 x 60 x 10mm. This device can be used for many applications: photography light, disco light and more.

Step 1: ​Through the OLED Display, You Can Change Some of the Operating Settings.

Some parameters that you can modify:

  • The intensity of red, 255 levels
  • The intensity of green, 255 levels
  • The intensity of blue, 255 levels
  • Brightness
  • Preset effects (Fade, strobe, breath)
  • Effects and transitions
  • Energy profile
  • Cloud settings(Support with Firebase, Redis etc.)
  • WiFi settings

Step 2: ​Why I Made This?

I developed this project because I needed a led spotlight for different uses. Those on the market are too expensive.

Step 3: ​Features

  • 40 RGB LEDs WS2812B or 40 RGBCW LEDs SK6812
  • USB-C TYPE-2
  • OLED Display 0.96"
  • 3 Buttons
  • ESP8266
  • OBJEX APP - for remote control

Issues Currently, the project has no technical problems.

Step 4: ​The Future of PROXIMA?

In the future, I will continue the project.

Margins of improvement

  • Battery with the charging system
  • Add ESP32
  • Change the buttons
  • Add a variable resistance for brightness control
  • Create a case to protect the spotlight