Introduction: Smart Voting Using DTMF

In all elections lot of effects taken for safety, security. It cost more and more. Like wise lot of mal-activities taken place. Peoples also want to stand in que.

To Over come all this problem, now-a-days every one have a third hand, its mobile. So if we collect the mobile number for every person. its unique. So with that mobile number we make easy the voting process. With less expense and high safety. Result also publish at the end of the election.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Linkit one Board.
2) DTMF decoder Board.

3) Mobile head set with mike.

4) Microphone

5) PC with Speaker.

6) Visual basic program develop by us as per requirement.

7) Own soldered wire strip with male and female connector.

Step 2: Connection

All the connection setup are as per the my previous project Customer care IVR. Some short detail are given below.

1) Insert GSM sim in the linkit one slot.

2) Connect the GSM antenna to its slot.

3) Connect the mobile head set with jack to the linkit one audio pin.

4) Connect the speaker pins of the linkit one audio pin to the DTMF board input.

5) connect Vt, D1 to D4 pins of dtmf to Digital pin 12,D8 to D11.

6) Paste the head phone mike near the pc speaker.

All connection done.

Step 3: Arduino Program

Micro controller program has small changes from previous project Customer care IVR. At the time of call receive, received number also send through the serial port to verify the status of the number in the database.

Step 4: VB Program


1) This project link with the database in the project.

2) Data base contain two tables one is candidate database and another one is for voter list.

3) Phone number is used as unique in the database.

4) So when a call comes the program check the database did the number exists.

5) if exists then check did they still not voted, if they still not voted then it play which number to be press for which candidate.

6) if any of the above condition fail it play the condition like 'Not valid voter', 'Already voted like wise'.

7) When the voter check the press the number in the mobile. The vote count of the candidate increase and the voter vote status update.

Step 5: Set Up the Database

1) Run the exe file.

2) Click the database on the menu.

3) In the form select Click 'CREATE'.

4) It ask the save location and name, type the name and click save.

5) Open the Location in the explorer.

6) Open the Access file and in the file two tables found.

7) Open candidate table and type candidate name and vote get as 0.

8) like wise open voters table enter refno,name,mobileno,address,voted as zero.

Now all are ready and u start voting.

Step 6: Run Live Voting and Report

1) Click the election menu.

2) Voting form open with the candidates name on the left and a button with name voting start.

3) Connect the Linkit one usb to pc. Find the moderm com port number and type in the text box.

4) Click start voting.

5) Now all done. If some one calls it check the database and play the voice mp3 file as per number dialled.

6) After as per their selection vote is increased on the list.

7) in the report u able to see the voters who still want to vote and candidates with votes got.

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