Introduction: Smart Street Lighting

The concept is simple, whenever a vehicle passes the light above it and the in front of it starts to glow. As the vehicle moves forward the previous lights switches off. Hence saving power.

The IR sensor detects the vehicle and switches on the LED. I have used Arduino uno for controlling LED's.

*Do not use a black vehicle, the IR sensor won't work.

*I have make the model with 3 sensor and 4 LED. Larger model can be made using same method and few modification in code.

Step 1: Material Required

1. Cardboard, wood etc for road.

2. Arduino

3. breadboard

4. 3x IR sensor (with digital output)

5. 4x High light LED

6. connecting wires

7. straws (to elevate LED's)

Step 2: Design

Make a elevated road so you can make connections easily. See the images as an example.

Attach the 3 IR sensor on the road. Set the IR sonsors so that they cover the whole road. maintain the distance between the sensor as required.

With the IR sensor stick a straw and insert the LED at one end and wires coming from the other end.

Step 3: Connections

The LED have two ends. Connect all the LED's negative ends to ground. and the positive ends to arduino pins 4,5,6,7 resp.

For the IR sensor we have three ends. Connect all the power pin of sensor (Vcc) to arduino power and gnd to arduino Gnd. Connect the output pin of IR sensor to pin 0,1,2 resp.

*the given circuit diagram is for a single set of LED and sensor. Others are to be connected in same manner.

*make a common GND for LED and IR sensor.

Step 4: Coding

If you are using more than 3 sensor and 4 LED than you need to slightly change the code.

Download the code and upload it to your Arduino.

Step 5: Testing

I recommend to watch the video given first to understand the working.

Now everything is ready. Check the following :

--> Sensor 1 - LED 1 & 2 is on

--> When sensor 2 is activated - LED 1 turns off, 2 & 3 turns on.

--> When sensor 3 is activated - LED 2 turns off, 3 & 4 turns on for 2 second.

You can hold the last led if you add a 4th sensor. Also you can increase the delay time as required.

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