Introduction: Smoked Pork Shoulder

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Smoking meat is very time consuming but definitely well worth the effort and the wait. After trying this recipe I think you'll agree with me.

You will need-

* smoker and charcoal

* bone-in pork shoulder

* chili powder

* coffee

* paprika powder

* brown sugar

* salt

* black pepper

* onion powder

* Cajan Shake Creole Butter and injector

* favorite beer

Step 1: Pictures From Start to Finish

These are the progression photos.

Step 2: Get Your Smoker Ready

. Start your charcoal grill or smoker up. I used a two-chambered Oklahoma Joe's smoker. Once your coals are heated you will adjust the vents to get a consistent temperature of 150°-225°. Add your smoking wood. I used apple for this recipe.

While your smoker is coming up to temp. lets prepare your pork shoulder. You'll want to score the fat cap with a knife. To do this make criss cross slits across the fat cap only. You can see this in the picture for reference. Next, make your rub. In a bowl add ...

1 Tbsp. Chili powder

1 Tbsp. Coffee

1 Tbsp. Paprika powder

1 Tbsp. Brown sugar

3 Tbsp. Salt

1 tps. Black pepper

2 tps. Onion powder

After making your rub, coat the entire shoulder with it. On your stove, heat up a high-walled skillet on med-high heat. Starting with the fat cap down, sear all sides of the shoulder to lock in juices.

Now, move to the smoker. Place on the smoker and keep the temperature between 150°-225° for about 7-8 hours. After about an hour of smoking (and every 2 hours after that) inject about an ounce of the creole butter in several places. After about 8 hours of smoking the average internal temp should read about 120°. Remove from the smoker. The rest of the cooking will happen in the oven.

Heat your oven to 200°. Place your shoulder on a pan with a raised rack. Pour a bottle of your favorite beer in the bottom of the pan. Make sure the meat is not directly in the liquid. Wrap the entire pan tightly in tin foil. Cook until the internal temperature reached about 165°. On average ( depending on your oven) it will take about 3 hours. Remove from oven and keep covered for an additional 7-10 mins. The internal temp will continue to climb as it rests to over 170°. My total cooking time from start to finish was about 11 hours. Your times are approximate and depends on many factors. Weight, smoker temps, oven variances, etc. Always use your thermometer.

Slice your smoked pork and enjoy it on its own or smothered in your favorite bbq sauce.

Step 3: Leftovers!!!

* Slice and toast chibata bun

* Saute chopped pork shoulder and sprinkle with rub seasoning. Put pork on the bun and drizzle with Chipotle sauce.

* fry an egg and add on top of meat

Step 4: Leftovers!!!

* Toast a potato bun

* Saute sliced pork shoulder and sprinkle with additional rub. Top with your favorite bbq sauce and jalapenos.

Step 5: Leftovers!!!

* Brown Texas toast and lightly butter and sprinkle with garlic powder.

* Saute sliced pork shoulder and sprinkle with rub seasoning. Top with your favorite mustard and enjoy!

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