Introduction: Smoked Ribs in the Smoker

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Today I am going to make my smoked baby back ribs, thought I would share cause these are so good From start to finish this cook should take app 6 hours. Things you will need for this instructable:


Wood chips…. I like apple

Brown sugar


Apple juice, spray bottle


Aluminum foil

BBQ sauce (whatever works for you). My recipe is at the end of this post, if you’re interested.

A good brand of beer… for the chef, totally optional of course.

Step 1: Unwrap Your Ribs and Remove the Membrane

. My wife is removing the membrane on the back of the ribs. That’s her fun, not mine. No matter what, this is done, no exceptions, no excuses, makes for a more tender rib. A long flat screwdriver or knife works great. Just slide it under the clear skin on the bone side and pull.

Step 2: Dry Rub

Next step, the rub. Put it on just before putting it in the smoker or a couple hours prior, doesn’t matter. The rub is liberally applied next, don’t miss anywhere. My rub is made up of:

5T brown sugar

1 1/2T kosher salt…. Less if you like

1/2T chili powder

1/4t black ground pepper

1/4t cayenne pepper or more for more heat

1t garlic powder

1/2t onion powder

1t red pepper flakes

Step 3: Into the Smoker

The smoker is heated to about 270 F, my new thermometer is very close to my digital, surprise. Wood chips are added, as is a container of water or apple juice, and when everything is up to temp the ribs are put in, meat side up for 1 1/2 hours. Then flip, meat side down for another 1 1/2 hours. Smoke them for about 1 1/2 hours. They might look a little dry but they’re not. If you want, spritz them with apple juice after the first hour and a half. That beer I mentioned, now would be a good time to pop the top.

Step 4: Add the Goodies

Preparation for the next step: 2 sheets of aluminum foil for each rack for wrapping the ribs in, some brown sugar to sprinkle on the ribs, honey on top of the brown sugar, and sprayed with some apple juice on top of the honey. Wrap tight, 1 seam down, 1 seam up. Back in the smoker.

Step 5: Back in the Smoker

After 2 hrs remove from the smoker, and uncover the ribs. Be very careful, as the ribs and juices will be very hot.

Step 6: Baste With Sauce

Baste the ribs with your favourite BBQ sauce and as in the picture put them back in the smoker for about 1 hour

My sauce recipe:

3 cups brown sugar

3 cups ketchup

¾ cup red wine vinegar

¼ cup water or beer.

2T worcestershire sauce

2T garlic powder

3T dry mustard

2t paprika

5t salt

5t ground black pepper

2-3T lemon juice

5T hot sauce or to taste

Step 7: Done

This is them, done. Unfortunately didn't get a picture of them cut up and on the platter. Our guest just grabbed them too damn fast. Got thumbs up all around

If you make these ribs and enjoy them, or plan on making them please leave a comment. Thanks

I was running a little late on one occasion so after removing the ribs wrapped in foil from the smoker, I basted them with BBQ sauce, wrapped them back up and just let them rest. Cut about an hour off the cook time.and they still tasted excellent.