Introduction: Smoking SPAM -Snaking While Cooking the Big Stuff

One of the best things to do on the weekends is run the smoker and make delicious food, but all those great smells make the family sooooooo hungry. So we got so tired of just waiting for the main dish that we tried to find something that could tide us over.

In the words of Sir Spamalot "Use some glorious SPAM". So today while smoking 2 pork shoulders I gave Spam a try and, well, it was awesome.

SPAM has many definitions but I'd agree with those that think it stands for "Specially Processed American Meat".

I used the lite stuff, you know, for health and stuff.

Step 1: Prep Your SPAM

Like I said, Lite for me, but you may want low sodium, turkey, or pineapple.

1. Extricate your SPAM from the can

2. Cut 1/4 in deep channels every 1/4 in in the SPAM (flavor channels)

3. I wanted extra smokey flavor so I cut a diagonal channels (I don't think it helped)

4. Pick your dry-rub. I used Jack Stacks All purpose BBQ Rub. Use what you have or try one of the great recipes here on Instructables

5. Rub it in

Step 2: Get to Cooking

1. Fire up the smoker for your big meats, I used Pecan wood, it gives pork shoulder (and SPAM) an awesome taste

2. 3 hours at 210 degrees F and its good to go

3. Check the temp, I like it over 160F

4. Slice it up and Enjoy

Both me and the wife said it would be great in Mac and cheese.... to bad we ate it all. Guess we will have to make more.

Thanks for checking out the ible.