Introduction: Smoothsicle

Welcome. In this gallery of steps, the process of making a Smoothsicle will be explained. A Smoothsicle is a smoothie/popsicle.

Step 1: Gathering of Ingredients

Step 1: Gather all your ingredients. They are as followed:

- Orange juice

-1 Banana

-A box of Strawberries

- A few drops of honey (optional)

- Mint leaves

Step 2: Gathering Equipment

Step 2: Get all the necessary equipment:



-Measuring cup

-Popsicle mould

-Popsicle sticks

Step 3: Pour in Your Orange Juice.

Step 3: Pour orange juice into a measuring cup until it

reaches 350 millilitres.

Step 4: Cut Your Banana.

Step 4: Then cut up your banana into eight pieces.

Step 5: Cut Your Strawberries.

Step 5: Remove the stem on the top of the strawberry and cut

them in half.

Step 6: Use Honey to Give Your Smoothsicle More Flavor.[optional]

Step 6: You can use honey (optional) to add a little more

flavour. Put in a few quick drops.

Step 7: Step 7: Put in 2 Mint Leaves(also Optional).

Step 7: Put in 2 mint leaves, you can use this to add some more flavor just like the honey.

Step 8: Put Everything in the Blender.

Step 8: Put the top of the blender on securely. Then blend

the ingredients together.

Step 9: Leave It to Blend for About 40 Minutes.

Step 9: Leave it to blend for 40 seconds. (50 seconds is

optional if you want to make sure everything has been processed).

Step 10: Pour in Your Smoothie in the Popsicle Mould.

Step 10: Then, pour

the smoothie into the Popsicle mould. Use a measuring cup to keep the entire sections equal in its quantity. Therefore they are more effective in size.

Step 11: Leave Your Smoothie in the Freezer and Let It Cool.

Step 11: After that

put your smoothie in the freezer and let it stay in for the night. This should be done for roughly 8-9 hours. After that time, take it out of the freezer. Warm water would be the best way to get them out easiest. Once that’s done, enjoy your homemade Smoothsicles and if you want to bring them with you to places use a cooler (Quechua is quite good) with a cooling element such as ice packs covering it.

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