Introduction: S'mores Bar Party

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S'mores are the best when camping so I decided to put together a s'mores bar for last weekend's camping trip with friends! Enjoy :P

There's nothing that I look forward to more than creating some delicious s'mores when going camping.
I'm going to show you the s'mores bar that I created for my friends this past weekend!
Start with some marshmallows. They have flavored ones now so I used chocolate and plain marshmallows.
And now for the candy. Why limit yourself to just milk chocolate bars when you can do cookies 'n cream, peanut butter cups, and even fancy filled chocolate squares. Those were hazelnut-filled.
And not typical for s'mores, but I decided to add some sauces like caramel, hazelnut, and peanut butter! It will take your s'mores to a "whole 'nuther level." Trust me.
And finally your graham crackers -- I chose regular honey, cinnamon, and chocolate graham crackers for a little variety.
I just love sitting around the fire, hanging out, chatting, and roasting marshmallows. I could do this all day!
But now onto the creation. We made several combinations like honey graham cracker, a chocolate hazelnut square, nutella, and a roasted marshmallow. And then chocolate graham cracker with caramel sauce, cookies and cream candy, and a chocolate marshmallow. And finally my favorite: a cinnamon graham crackers with a peanut butter cup, nutella, and chocolate marshmallow.
Apparently my friend Alex loved them! "We just took these s'mores to a whole 'nuther level"
And here's another idea to be really efficient: you can roast several s'mores all at once on a rake! Just kidding... I got this idea off the internet!

Well I hope you guys create this on your next camping trip! And let me know what you use!