Introduction: S'mores Bites (aka Scooby S'mores)

I love s'mores; each part of this triumvirate of deliciousness was destined for each other.  Unfortunately, it's not always convenient to combine them in the traditional campfire-side method.  I wanted to try a simple way to make s'mores more accessible without being forced to wait to go camping to make them. 

Step 1: Ingredients

Graham cracker sticks (I used Scooby-Doo grahams)
Chocolate for melting
Marshmallow cream

Optional ingredients:
Mint chips
Peanut butter
Toppings such as walnuts, coconut flakes and sprinkles

Step 2: Add Marshmallow to Graham Crackers

I started out by sandwiching the marshmallow cream by two of the graham sticks. 
After I finished and tried the result, I don't think that two graham sticks were necessary.  When I do this again, I'm just going to dip the graham stick into the marshmallow cream, and then use a spoon to drizzle on the chocolate.

Step 3: Melt Chocolate

Set up a double-boiler and melt the chocolate.  Either dip the marshmallowed grahams in the chocolate or use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate.  We had dark chocolate and milk chocolate, so we set up two double-boilers.  After we used up about half of the chocolate in each, we added peanut butter to the milk chocolate, and mint chips to the dark chocolate for some variety.  The mint chips aren't made to be melted like the melting chocolate, so they didn't look very pretty, but they were my favorite of the bunch by far.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to better melt the mint chips?

Step 4: Add Toppings, Allow to Cool, and Enjoy!

After they've been dipped in chocolate, the s'mores can be dipped in or sprinkled with toppings before being place on a Silpat or piece of wax paper to cool.  The melted chocolate step isn't very kid friendly, but my girls did like helping by adding the toppings.  And of course, they loved helping by eating the s'mores after they had cooled.