Introduction: S’moresadillas

Lets be honest, desserts on the BBQ don't get enough love and respect like their main course counterparts; that is, until now. I introduce to you an upgrade to the classic version of a S'more; the S'moresadilla! You may be asking if its possible to elevate this fireside staple and why? After making one of these I can assure you it is possible and why not; after all, we can never have enough kinds of desserts to make.


For one S'moresadilla, you will need the following ingredients and tools/equipment:


x1 Chocolate (Hershey's is the go to for me)

x2-4 Marshmallows (I prefer the square mallows for this recipe. I tried the smaller marshmallows but they create a very runny S'moresadilla)

x1 Large Tortilla


x1 Quesadilla maker for the grill - Amazon

x1 BBQ or Fire pit

x1 Charcoal starter (optional, you can use lighter fluid if preferred)

x1 2lb Charcoal

x1 Stick Lighter

x1 Firestarting Material (Paper towel, Parchment paper, etc.)

x1 Cooking Spray/Oil

Step 1: Step 1: Light the Fire

Using a charcoal style grill:

-Slide over grates to get to bottom tray/grate/charcoal pan

-Place the fire starting material underneath the charcoal chimney and place on charcoal tray of grill

BBQ Tip: Spray cooking spray/oil onto paper towel/parchment paper to reduce ash and extend burn time

-Add charcoal to charcoal chimney, and light the material underneath the charcoal chimney

BBQ Tip: Keep your charcoal in a empty Tidy Cats bin to keep dry outdoors all season long

-If using lighter fluid instead, spray over the charcoal and light

Using a gas grill:

-Turn on gas and light grill

-Set to medium to medium/low heat

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble Your S'moresadilla

-Lay the tortilla flat on the inside of the quesadilla basket

-Add the chocolate to the middle towards the front end of the tortilla

-Add 2-4 marshmallows on top of the chocolate

-Fold over tortilla and repeat if desired. (This quesadilla basket can cook two at once!)

Step 3: Step 3: Grill

Once your coals are light, ashy, gray and glowing orange they are ready to go.

-Pour out the coals and spread evenly onto charcoal tray

-Slide grill grates over

-Place the quesadilla basket directly over flame and close grill lid. (The handle will stick out but thats ok)

-Cook times may vary depending on heat but I did 30 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds per side, checking the tortilla every 15-30 seconds.

BBQ Tip: If the heat is too intense, slide the quesadilla basket over so that it is not directly over the coals and this will help to prevent burning the tortilla

-Flip the quesadilla basket over after you see the marshmallow and chocolate melting and repeat the cooking process. (If the inside isn't melting, do not flip because the ingredients may shift and fall out)

-Be sure to monitor how fast the outer tortilla is cooking by lifting the basket periodically to check.

Step 4: Step 4: Eat and Repeat

Once the cooking process is complete,

-Gently remove the S'moresadilla from the basket and place on a plate/tray to cool for several minutes. (This prevents the marshmallows and chocolate from oozing out everywhere when cutting)

-Once cool, cut into desired pieces

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