Let me start off by saying we LOVE The Office and decided that this would be a great, easy, family Halloween idea. We had some of the items on hand already, but I posted a link to the clothes that were used for each individual character in the next section. We got a lot of great feedback on the group cosplay and hopefully after going through this brief tutorial, you can too!




x1 pencil skirt - Kohl's

x1 pink cardigan - Kohl's (note: the color is not currently available but this was the one used for the outfit)

x1 white button up shirt - can be found anywhere


x1 blue button up shirt - Kohl's

x1 dress pant - J.C. Penney

x1 tie - Kohl's

Dwight (kids size)

x1 yellow short sleeve button up shirt - Amazon

x1 brown suit with tie- Amazon

x1 glasses - Amazon

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