Introduction: Snail Care!

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Hello! So it's me, Freya.

I've recently made a snail habitat at my granny and grandpas!

Here are tips for keeping a snail!


A large container (size depends on your amount of snails)

Some soil

A few things like twigs and bark

A spray bottle


Step 1: Step One: the Habitat Stuff!

So firstly, open the container's lid and pour in around an inch of soil. Some snails like to burrow and it is not naturalistic to keep a snail in a bare habitat. You can add a layer of leaves or moss on top of the soil if you like. Place in some twigs and bark for the snail to crawl on and hide under. Drill a small hole/holes on the roof for ventilation. Remember not to put the habitat in direct sunlight and don't forget to spray it each day!

Step 2: Step Two: Feeding Your Snail!

My snails eat lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and dandelion leaves! You can feed your pet a whole range of foods, but nothing with salt because this dries them up and kills them. :( Also, provide a calcium source. I use wet chick crumb in a bottle lid- they loved it! You can use crushed eggshells or cuttlebone too!

Step 3: Final Step: General Care!

Be careful handling your snail in thought of it's shell. Keep it out of the way of any pets and do not give a water dish as they can drown :( Refresh the soil and wash the acessories ( NO SOAP OR ANYTHING, JUST WATER) every two weeks. Enjoy having a snail as a pet and see you on my next Instructable!