Introduction: Sneaker Box

I made a sneaker box that can see the sneaker in the dark. I use LED bulbs and photoresistance. When the light is lower than the value that I set, the LED bulbs will turn on by itself. When the light is higher than the value the LED bulbs will turn off by itself.

Step 1: Material

  • Transparent acrylic box
  • Resistor (1)
  • DuPont line (2)
  • LED bulbs (3)
  • Photoresistance (4)
  • paperboard or sneaker paper box

Step 2:

First, the photoresistance needs to connect to the A0 pin and connect to the positive and negative pin. There are two different kinds of resistors (step two). One is for LED bulbs and the blue one is for the photoresistance. You can use the DuPont line to increase the length of the LED bulbs. The pins connect the LED bulbs are 13 to 2.

Step 3:


Step 4: Step4: Dig Some Holes.

Dig some holes on the paperboard and let your LED bulbs through the board ( try to line up your LED bulbs). Use tape to sticky LED bulbs on the sneaker box and use tape to stick the board on the box.

Step 5: Step5: Finish