Sniper Character Rifle Prop - DRS1 AUGER

Introduction: Sniper Character Rifle Prop - DRS1 AUGER

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"DRS1 AUGER" Sniper Rifle Weapon Prop

Step 1: Create a Design Brief

I needed to create a DRS1 "Auger" rifle prop for my Project GF short film "Sniper versus Scout". I started by making a one page brief with a few visual references showing my weapon prop's design intent. I used an airsoft AUG as the base of my design. I then proceeded to turn the AUG into a powerful looking sniper rifle which I named - DRS1 "Auger".

Step 2: Create a 3D Concept Model

Based on my design brief I created a 3D concept model. This design shows my goal of how I wanted the "Auger" to look.

Step 3: Fabrication

I hand fabricated my component parts from pvc and metal. I then painted all black.

Step 4: Foregrip

I designed this prop based on the fact I would be using basic hand tools to fabricate it. I wanted a recto-linear style foregrip section. I created this piece with sheet metal and rivets. I planned to cover up these rivets with tape, camo strips and a rubber palm grip.

Step 5: Fabrication Steps

Here's a sequence of stages from airsoft Aug to DRS1 Auger.

Step 6: Finished Prop

Here's my finished prop photographed in the lighting style I intended for the film. The DRS1 Auger turned out very close to my 3D concept model but not exact. I settled for whatever I could find on hand in my shop to finish the prop efficiently. This build was done in my spare time on low budget. If this was a well funded project I would have used CAD-CAM tools like CNC machining and 3D printing, etc. to build an accurate scope and ammo clip to match my concept model exactly. This prop worked out great for the style of film I was making.

Step 7: Video of All Design & Fabrication Steps

Watch this video for my explanation of more detailed steps of the DRS1 Auger design & fabrication process: DRS1 Auger Design & Fabrication

Step 8: Screengrabs of DRS1 Auger Prop in "SVS"

Here are a few screen grabs from my short film using this Auger prop.

Step 9: Sniper Versus Scout Short Film

The reason I fabricated this prop was to make this short film - "Sniper versus Scout" :

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    7 years ago

    I really like it! Well done.