Introduction: Snowblowing 123

This was to be an instructable on the proper use of a snowblower. I live in western New York (the end near lake Erie) and we get "usually" a fair amount of snow. Shown is what is called Lake effect snow (that was a 60 inches plus in a 24 hour period in November of 2015) . That lump to the left of the house is my car.

Step 1: Equipment and Usage

A well maintained snowblower and proper Personal Protection Equipment is required.

Mine is a 5 hp,26 in wide two stage blower, It hasn't let me down yet.

A good coat, hat, mittens and boots are a must

And of course some SNOW !!

Step 2: The Process

Work slowly and overlap your passes, adjust the chute to blow the snow in a safe direction / location ( not against your neighbors house or windows) The chute is adjustable on most machines to turn left or right and has an elevation adjustment up for distance and when adjusted down for more control to get the snow where you want it to go. You want to blow the snow with the wind if you can and you will get better distance, blown into the wind the show will end up back where it started or in you face (not pleasant). When clearing the mouth of you driveway blow the snow to the side of the direction of street travel so when the plow comes down the street right after you get done you have less to clear later (and it always happens). And of course I have to make the disclaimer : make sure your path is clear of people and objects that may get stuck in the unit like other people, garden hoses, stones, lawn ornaments (don't ask). Do NOT put your hands in the auger (the front rotating part) or the chute if it becomes clogged. Shut the engine off and use the black plastic push stick on the front of the snowblower to clear the unit. If something is stuck in the blower, even if it is shut off there is a chance that there may be enough tension in the unit to rotate when the item is dislodged from the unit and cause serious injury.

Step 3: Final Thoughts

I have been waiting for some actual measurable snowfall here in Western New York to get some action photos, but as of 2/4/2020, the grass is Green and the driveway is clear. As Punxsutawney Phil found we have 6 more weeks till spring. I am prepared and waiting

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